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Mar 22, 2013 1:35am PDT
technology gets into the pore faster, it goes deeper and it keeps killing bacteria longer. >> you'll get the clear skin you want and so much more because that plus really stands for a lot. >> what makes proactiv plus different? it's built around new smart target technology, exclusive to proactiv. prescription grade medicine is designed to be pulled like a magnet directly into the pore with laser-like precision. with more medicine in the pore your acne heals faster. and with our built-in hydration your skin looks healthy and glowing. >> the buzz around proactiv plus is that there are truly some amazing innovations to clear your skin while also minimizing the appearance of dark spots helping to even out skin tone, and deliver radiance. the buzz is off the charts. >> beauty blogs are raving. "proactiv gets a makeover-- and it's major." and, "...the new proactiv plus is here, and it's better than ever!" and the results from a recent proactiv plus user study show 98% of participants experience smoother and brighter skin. and a remarkable 100% experience better clarity and better texture. >> u
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1